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All of our medical courses and techniques are evaluated and approved by Doctors, Combat Medics, and Registered Nurses who have first-hand experience treating the worst injuries anyone could sustain.

Legal Seminars are conducted by Attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Indiana.  All citation of Indiana Legal code is vetted and approved by civil and criminal attorneys.

All psychological elements of our training is vetted and approved by licensed psychology professionals.

Law Enforcement courses are taught by former law enforcement and force on force certified instructors.

All self defense courses are taught by instructor-level black belts recognized nationally and internationally by the Olympic Governing body of martial arts.

All firearms courses are taught by instructors with nationally recognized certifications and years of practical experience.  If we aren’t certified in it, we don’t teach it.

Survival and Outdoor courses are taught by former Army Special Forces Officer.  Courses can range from basics for a day or advanced for 3 days.  Build fire, read tracks, find your direction, learn to butcher a chicken, find water, survive.  All taught by individuals who have done it for real under the most austere conditions.  From children to adults, from novice to the expert, we have a course for you.

Our instructors and support staff certifications include NRA, Force on Force, instructor level black belts, Special Forces Operators, Doctors, Dentists, Armorers, Law Enforcement, Psychologists, Attorneys, Private Military Contractors and much more.  You will NOT find a more experienced training team in Indiana and we are here to help you.  Private acreage, rifle and pistol ranges.  Fully insured professionals.  We aren’t here just for a buck.  No bullshit, just real training to keep you and your loved ones safer.  Remember, we all started somewhere.

Defensive tactics and self defense courses; we are not dojo martial artists who have never been in a fight.  Our instructors have life long competitors in the ring, in the cage, on the mat, and at times, on the sidewalk. If it’s nonsense, we don’t teach it.

Our martial arts instructors have worked in jobs where their verbal agility and empty hand skills were critical.  Until you have had to fight for your life you really don’t get it.  In a lot of ways its like swimming to keep from drowning.  We do our best to convey this mindset to you.

We have trained, and trained with police departments, military pre-deployment, SWAT teams, Sheriffs Departments, professional fighters, world judo champions, actors, medical and legal professionals, corporate sales and service staff, top corporate executives, teachers, church security teams and most importantly; moms, dads, families and good everyday people.

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