Lethal Ladies Pistol


-Quality handgun of the student's choice

-200 factory loaded rounds

-Quality holster for your handgun

-One spare magazine minimum

-Hearing  and eye protection

-Notepad and pencil



-Bug spray and UV protectant

Cost - $150


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With rights come responsibility.  Keeping a firearm for defense is a fundamental right in this country, however the responsibility to operate it safely and effectively is on YOU.  This is not only a responsibility, but a duty.  Our Lethal Ladies Pistol course will give you necessary foundational skills to build on.  Whether you’ve purchased a handgun to carry for personal protection or home defense, you will leave this course with more confidence and a deeper understanding of how to operate it safely and use it effectively.

Topics Covered

-SAFE and Responsible Firearm Operation
-Multiple Round Accuracy
-Efficient Reloads
-Critical Mindset
-Legal Knowledge

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