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Basic Rifle Mechanics



-Quality semi-automatic rifle of students choice

-Quality handgun of the students choice

-250-300 factory loaded rounds for rifle

-3x spare rifle magazine minimum

-Hearing protection

-Eye protection

-Notepad and pencil


-Bug spray



-If you have your own shot-timer, please bring it, but it is not required.

Cost - $150 per student - bring a friend and both students receive half off ($75 each)

Schedule - June 1st - 9AM to 2PM

[Click here for Course Schedule]

What to Expect

This is an introductory performance class.  Students will familiarize themselves with their chosen rifles at a rapid pace, as they learn the importance of efficient movement, performance tracking, proper practice methods, and self-diagnosis.  The goal of this class will be to introduce students to performance-oriented practice so that specific individual performance goals can be met and surpassed, and the student can learn the proper methods to continue to push themselves beyond the class.

Topics Covered

-SAFE and Responsible Firearm Operation
-Multiple Round Accuracy
-Efficient Reloads
-Stance and Recoil Management

-Accessory Selection

-Practicing for Performance

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