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Chris assists in the instruction and development of our firearms curriculum.  He is also the dedicated safety officer for our Force-on-Force classes for both civilians and Law Enforcement.

Having attended firearms training courses across the country, Chris exhibits strengths in efficiency mechanics to help students balance accuracy with speed, and appendix-carry proficiency and pistol-mounted optics.  He was the 11th person to have earned one of Gabe White's coveted "Turbo Pin" pistol performance awards, Tier 1 Concealment's "Three Sevens" challenge awards, ReFactor Tactical's "Kill Card Challenge", Arredondo Accessories Bill Drill Challenge and several other performance awards.

The owner of a successful firearm restoration shop (The SPAS 12 Project) he believes in the importance of preserving the Second Amendment and is a strong coach in the use of firearms for personal defense.

In 2021 he was honored by renowned instructor Scott Jedlinski, by being named an Endorsed Instructor.

Chris has trained with some of the top names in the industry including:

Scott Jedlinski (Modern Samurai Project)

Travis Haley (Haley Strategic Partners)

Chris Costa (Costa Ludus)

Gabe White (Pistol Shooting Solutions)

Steve Fisher (Sentinel Concepts)

Tom Givens (Rangemaster)

Chris Long - Lead Instructor

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