Basic Shotgun


-Quality shotgun of the student's choice

-100 factory loaded rounds (Birdshot)

-20 factory loaded rounds (buckshot)

-5 factory loaded rounds (rifled slug)

-Quality handgun of the students choise

-50 factory loaded handgun rounds

-Hearing  and eye protection

-Notepad and pencil



-Weapon mounted shell saddle/shotgun card

-Bug spray and UV protectant

Cost - $200

Schedule - TBA  [Click here for Course Schedule]

In this four hour course you will receive instruction in the basics of firearm safety, shotgun manipulation, reloading, and multiple firing positions. This is a fast paced, intensive class designed for the novice shooter or new gun owner, delivering a large amount of information in a short time.  This class focuses on shotguns being implemented in a home-defense setting.

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