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Force On Force, Essential Empty Hand, T17 Scenario Based Training


-Notepad and pencil

-Water, this class is highly physical


-Preffered Holster for Glock 17 (G17T's will be used)

-Bug spray and UV protectant

Cost - $400



[Click here for Course Schedule]

Statistics indicate that most encounters with a handgun happen in a space no larger than a closet. What do you do when you are attacked and find yourself fighting to keep your firearm? In this class you will have the opportunity to work with other students and learn what it is like to physically fight to keep your firearm when someone is attempting to take it.


You will also be subjected to recreations of real life scenarios and given the opportunity to learn how you would personally handle them, using Glock 17-T training pistols and sim ammunition.

You will receive instruction on how to better increase your chances of NOT having your firearm forcefully removed by someone bigger and stronger than you. You will learn to retain your firearm and stop someone from taking the life of you or a loved one.

We require that you have at least completed Fundamental Pistol or a training course that we recognize as comparable.

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