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Mike has been involved in martial arts and firearms for over  36 years. His time has been spent on the mat, in the cage, in the ring and on the firing range as both a competitor and student—and now as a professional instructor.

Jujutsu and Judo were his primary focus growing up, but he was exposed to several different arts and disciplines. Mike’s father was his first instructor and was more than qualified with his background that included being a member of the 77th Special Forces Unit and the 82nd Airborne. Mike discovered early in life that the most powerful weapon
anyone could possess is the ability to think and act under extreme stress.

As a result of this foundational self-awareness, Mike gained personal respect for many additional martial arts, learning that each had something to provided its participants. Each and every person has something to teach—from the newest student to the oldest, learned practitioner—therefore, it never hurts to listen.

Over the years, Mike has worked in event security, bars, clubs and other public and private venues. When he speaks of his past experiences, Mike points out that this is where he learned how to truly manage people and control violent individuals. He has owned and operated a successful Mixed Martial Arts team. He has worked with,instructed and trained with several law enforcement agencies and provided professional
instruction to troops awaiting deployment.

He is in good standing with several martial arts organizations, some of which who have visited his martial arts school. During his career as a promoter and match-maker in the MMA business, Mike met some tremendous athletes and even had the chance to speak with and work with some well-known UFC professionals.

Mike’s martial arts career has landed him roles in some lower-budget action films where he had the opportunity to work with people such as Chris Lytle, Wes Sims, and Matt Mitrione. In addition, Mike has even worked alongside Bill "Superfoot" Wallace on the video "Protect Thyself" a practical guide to self defense (

In 2015, Mike was inducted into the martial arts Hall of Fame due to his lifetimededication to the arts.

Presently, Mike owns and operates Clean Fuels National (, a company that has grown from a fledgling business begun by his father, brother and himself, to an established leader at the forefront of the Petroleum Industry, boasting nearly 80 employees and servicing customers from Maine to California.

Mike often explains how many of the lessons learned and taught through the martial arts can be equally as beneficial to the life of a successful businessman. The same hard work, integrity, and dedication Mike has shown to the martial arts have paid off for him in the business world as well. Currently, Mike sits on a handful of local and national
boards as well as lending his wisdom and expertise to the leadership committees on which he serves. Further, what truly provides Mike the most personal and professional satisfaction is the positive effect his instruction has had to the lives of so many people.

Simply put, Mike wants to see good people armed and trained responsibly, safely and effectively. And he does.

5th Dan Jujutsu USJA
5th Dan Jujutsu ATJA
4th Dan Jujutsu USMA
1st Dan Judo USJA

Certified Force Science Institute Analyst

John E. Reid Interview and Advanced Interrogation Certified
Certified NRA Instructor Pistol
Certified NRA Instructor Rifle
Certified NRA Instructor Personal Protection in the Home
Certified NRA Instructor Personal Protection Outside the Home
Force on Force Certified Instructor for law enforcement and non-sworn personnel.

Mike Vanover - Chief Instructor

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